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2018 Fall Forum


Exit your practice with clarity, confidence, coordination and satisfaction

  • 3 event locations: Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland

  • Free to attend. Limited seating. RSVP.

  • 3 hours non-clinical CE for Ohio licensure if needed

Many practice owners see transition and exit as a straightforward process involving decisions on taxation, legal compliance and wealth management. But, our research and experience prove that the process is far more complex: it’s a journey that affects every aspect of the owners’ lives – their business, their money and their self.


Using a powerful combination of psychological understanding, academic research, and hands-on business experience, this year's fall forum will provide you with essential business and personal clarity so that you can engage your transition with confidence.

Exiting a practice:

  • Clarity: When an exiting owner is emotionally torn, their plans are often muddied and unresolved. Our M3 framework (My Business, My Money, My Self) provides owners the opportunity to design and optimize their custom formula for successfully exiting their business on their own terms and in their own timing.

  • Confidence: Exits are liminal experiences filled with unique uncertainty owners don’t experience while building their businesses. The exit experience often leaves owners feeling out of control. We help owners leverage their strengths and their M3 formula so that they confidently remain in control of their transition to successfully navigate the myriad of decisions and trade-offs inherent in a deal process.

  • Coordination: A satisfying exit is one in which the owner is in control. We facilitate a process that equips owners with the insights, knowledge, and skills to confidently interact with and coordinate the necessary third party deal professionals. In some situations we help owners screen and select their deal team professionals.

  • Satisfaction: Owners that use the M3 framework know they’re in charge and they achieve the best possible exits given the available choices throughout the deal process. We help owners before during and after the transaction so that they transition to a life of satisfaction and significance beyond their role as owner.



Orange Kiwi

Orange Kiwi specializes in working with practice owners to achieve successful transitions. They are experts in the psychology of entrepreneurs at significant points of transition and exit.



Allie Taylor, PhD

Focuses on change and effectiveness at the point of practice owner transition. She has helped Fortune 500 bankers, senior leaders, boards and business owners achieve successful exits.


Andrew Taylor

Provides advice and consulting services to practice owners and their advisors. He is an accomplished business leader and consultant including working with Fortune 500 clients.



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